What's LiFa?

LiFa is a microlearning social media with focus on practical content (e.g. life hacks, facts, ideas, quotes, etc.)

In LiFa we created a platform to improve the learning process by using the power of social media, microlearning methods, and motivational elements of gamification. In LiFa readers enjoy the process of learning and creators can easily make money from sharing their knowledge.

In LiFa we offer great values for readers and creators, at below we list some of them:

About Us

We are a research-based Australian-Iranian company with the purpose of proposing high-tech software solutions with the highest quality and novel ideas. Having 4 different groups of experts including Academic researchers, Gamification designers, Software developers, and educational experts, research tech enables us to provide high-quality products or services to solve small or large problems.

Our Team

Asghar Golkar

Project Manager

Ghonche Yaghar

Front-end developer

Reza Askari

Back-end Developer

Ladan Ahanijan

Front-end Developer

Sara Mashayekh(PhD)

Educational Designer

Kimia Ataei

Social Media Specialist

Nima Zare

UI/UX - Graphist

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